Yakiniku at Sakagura

The last time I had Yakiniku (Japanese word that translates to grilled meat) was at Kintan, where we covered the table with as much low-quality cuts as our student wallets could possibly afford, and had me rolling out with 3-months worth of red meat in my stomach.

This time I visited Sakagura, an upscale venue on Heddon Street by the same people behind Japan Centre, for a much more sophisticated experience.


Sakagura is known for their large collection of different sakes! Their name Sakagura translates to “sake cellar” in Japanese.

We started off with a round of their signature sake-based cocktails. We went for their July cocktail, Fuzuki Seven, a sweet, refreshing concoction of botanist islay dry gin with Gekkeikan nigori sake (unfiltered sake) with tropical fruit liqueur and pineapple juice. Very summery indeed.


Their Yakiniku barbecue set is surprisingly good for value taking into consideration of their neighbours – for £20 we get a choice of 3 from their selection of meats, seafood and vegetables, on top of rice, salad and miso soup.


The whole package includes the DIY grilling experience, all on a traditional “Shichirin” barbecue with red hot coal. It was very fun to be in charge of what to grill and our dining speed.

We went for portions of the Japanese Wagyu sirloin, Prime USDA short rib, scallops, squid and eryngii mushroom, which were all very fresh and their natural flavours enhanced by the smokiness from the coal grill.






Oh look. At. That.
Dipping into the soy yakiniku sauce.
Good meat calls for a bowl of fluffy white rice.


Verdict: Delicious and a very unique lunch experience! Very good value, lovely service and a beautiful, classy ambience.

The Yakiniku set is available for £20 during Lunch and £30 during dinner. Reservation is required. Minimum 2 people.


8 Heddon Street

Website: Click here


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