Culture Trip in East London

What amazes me about London is that there are so many little places dotted around waiting for you to find out and explore. Every time I stumble across a new restaurant, or a new area, it always makes me feel like a tourist.

The past Friday I left my adopted Londoner identity, grabbed my camera and went full on tourist-mode with a day trip around London with the lovely people at Culture Trip! (Check out their app here for exciting places to visit!)

We started our day with brunch at Coppa Club, right next to Tower Bridge and across the river from the Shard. We were seated inside one of the cabanas outside, beautifully adorned with wisteria hanging from the top.






We got to know each other over smashed avocado and (multiple) cups of coffee, setting us off strong for the next part of the day: a guided tour around East London with Alternative Tours!

Alternative Tours is an original Social Enterprise specialising in street art walking tours. Our tour today started at East Aldgate, and crossed the boundary between the City of London into the vibrant streets of East London.



We dipped in and out from the many alleyways beside Brick Lane, and learned so many interesting facts behind the graffitis, from the artists themselves all the way to the history of the neighbourhood.




East London is definitely more than just hipster cafes and curry houses; every wall, every door had its own piece of history, which was something you’d never know even if you walk past them everyday.



Our tour ended at Syd’s Coffee Stall, a little wooden wagon serving coffee dating back to 1919 (!!!).


From there, we headed to our next stop: a pizza master class at Radio Alice Pizzeria on Hoxton Square!



Radio Alice describes their pizza as the “Third Wave Pizza” – sourdough pizza born in Bologna using ancient baking techniques and the best seasonal ingredients from Italy.




After watching a brief demo from the chefs, we got to get our hands floury and made our very own pizzas!



I’m a big fan of anchovies, and was very happy to see an anchovy ON EVERY SINGLE SLICE. Radio Alice prides themselves on perfectly portioned toppings, and mine was a good combination of crispy crust, soft dough, tomatoes and anchovy.




Next time you have a free day, get out the door and explore this fascinating city we live in! Definitely look out for the street art around East London – and be a tourist!

Thank you to Culture Trip for such an amazing day!


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